Incident Investigation

An investigation is a vital part of the recovery that takes place after an incident has occurred, no matter how large or small the event.

The aim is always to identify the root causes of the incident, to allow appropriate measures to be put in place to prevent the incident, and other similar events, from reoccurring

We offer a capability that covers all areas of the investigation whenever and wherever required by you. These services include:

  • Investigation of the scene of the incident
  • Information gathering, such as interviews, documentary and physical evidence
  • Cataloguing and managing all types of evidence, preserving investigation integrity
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Report Writing

We can provide the right level of support that suits your needs, whether that is a full investigation team, individual investigation Team Leaders, Team members or specialists in Root Cause Analysis.

Our clients normally contact us to support them when:

  • They have suffered a major incident and require additional investigation expertise, dedicated investigation personnel or need support to assist interacting with a state regulator
  • There is a requirement to publicise the causes of an incident to external parties such as shareholders, regulators, insurance companies and the media
  • There is a possibility of legal action occurring
  • They simply want an independent point of view or understanding of an event



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